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Encouraging, empowering and inspiring you to revise key areas of life for more passion, purpose and possibilities


Christie is a sought-out speaker appearing at women's events, corporate conferences, TEDx, and faith-based retreats. Her unique brand of humor and story-telling brings encouraging, empowering and inspiring messages to audiences across the country.

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Check out Christie's blog posts and her books featuring messages to help women release their past, renew their faith and revise their lives.

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Christie coaches

With a mix of one-on-one conversations and interactive group coaching, start getting access to the tools you need to change your life and your business.

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From books and devotionals to apparel and gifts, the shop has all you need to keep you encouraged, empowered and inspired.

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Watch Christie’s TED talk on how you can generate momentum from the inside out!

Gaining momentum can feel like chasing the wind. This talk will offer four steps you can take to immediately generate momentum from the inside out. With an enthusiasm that can't be dismissed, Christie Browning is on a personal mission to encourage, empower and inspire others to explore their possibilities, live out their passions, and discover their potential.

Christie’s book

Check out Christie’s newest book now available for purchase. If you are questioning God's presence, if you doubt if God could love you or use you, if you think you are so far gone that God's love can't reach you, if you want to read an inspiring story of God's victory and triumph in the midst of tragedy... this book is for you!

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Get a FREE e-book from Christie aimed at reviving, restoring and renewing your faith. To get yours, simply click here>>>>

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