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    Here's the part where we share and announce the latest and greatest happening here at reVision!!! It's one of our favorite pages and it changes a lot -- so be sure to keep in the loop!

    Tired? Worn down? Spiritually exhausted and drained? Sometimes life takes it out of us and we need a boost to our hearts and souls. reNewed Faith is the latest book from reVision for Women's owner and author Christie Browning.

    By sharing her personal insights into scripture that has played a part in her own journey, Christie gives practical perspective to jolt your spirit. Thirteen devotional-style chapters will restore, renew and revive your faith, and each chapter ends with some thought provoking questions for you to answer.

    Watch a recently recorded live event where Christie teaches on needing God to fix us.



    No Approval Necessary

    Christie's latest book is now available!!

    This thought-provoking and empowering study takes an in depth look at the disease to please, approval addiction, and the other ailments that come when the opinion of others weighs heavy on the heart and mind.

    Readers will be able to not only identify their approval issues, but will also work through practical ways to overcome those areas with faith-based principles. Christie personally shares her own approval addiction recovery methods and how she battles each day to let go of the need to please. 

    • 80 pages
    • Questions for reflection
    • Bible passages for study
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