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    Christie’s TED talk: Generating momentum from the inside out

    Gaining momentum can feel like chasing the wind. This talk will offer four steps you can take to immediately generate momentum from the inside out. With an enthusiasm that can't be dismissed, Christie Browning is on a personal mission to encourage, empower and inspire others to explore their possibilities, live out their passions, and discover their potential.

    How to beat that funky feeling

    Ever experience a feeling of funk? Like you're just not into it...whatever "it" may be? In this episode we discuss a few things you can do to break out if that funky feeling and get back into a motivated, purposeful groove. Brought to you by

    Finding your motivation when it's gone flat

    When your motivation is lost, how do you get gears back up to move ahead? How do you evoke and engage that passion again? Here are a few ways to help. Brought to you by:

    Drive-Time Chit-Chat: Hope for your overwhelm (episode #1)

    This episode of Drive-Time Chit-Chat, Christie shares hope through scripture that can help you deal with the feelings of overwhelm, stress and frustration.

    Out of the Ashes

    Recorded live in Hendersonville, Tn. Christie takes the stage to share her testimony of how God brought her out of the ashes and how she knows God can do the same for you!

    How to make it through tough times

    In this episode of reVision TV, Christie shares some practical ways she has pushed through some tough times in life.

    When you're life is a 'fixer upper'

    Recorded from a live event, Christie shares her story and speaks to anyone who feel like they are in need of a lot of work. Using the story of Namaan from the Old Testament, Christie gives us a look at why God invests in a 'fixer upper.'

    Moving into your promised land

    This episode of rePeatedly reVised, we continue with our theme of moving ahead...

    Making your advance

    In this episode of rePeatedly reVised, we'll continue our look at the book of Joshua and learning how to move forward into the life we deserve.

    Knowing where you're going

    This week our Monday show is focused on defining the purpose behind your 2016 goals. Knowing what you want is great... but knowing where to go and why you want to get there is SUPER critical!

    Brushing off the blame game

    In this episode of rePeatedly reVised, we take a look at what God says about forgiveness... and moving past the blame, shame and disgrace of our errors. Taking your Q&A in the live broadcast.

    Make it count!

    Checking in before we check out of the new year!

    Moving from in between in 2016 (or any year that you feel stuck)

    In today's episode we'll be discussing how to get where you wanna go in 2016 ( or any year). No more wandering in the wilderness feeling lost, like there is more out there waiting for you. Let's get out of the "in between" status and get ahead to our promised land!