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Stuck. Stagnate. Stale.

When life pulls you under, how do you find the strength to resurface? Pushing Through To A New You is built to regenerate, restore and reassure you that you can in deed come through whatever might be weighing you down.

 Christie Browning shares her personal testimony of how God redeemed her in the middle of an unlikely scenario. Out of her destruction and desperation, God delivered healing, forgiveness and a new beginning. Christie not only shares her story, but breathes hope into the hurting heart with scripture that encourages, empowers and inspires audiences to push through to a new tomorrow. Live music is also included in this powerful tour, giving a complete experience that is soul-changing.

 Here what others have to say about this event:

 “Christie’s testimony was powerful and it made me see God’s redemption in a new way. This truly gave me the shot in the heart I needed!” – Christa 

“Wow! Not only is Christie’s story amazing, but she delivers it in an amazing way. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.” – Anakha 

“I loved this event! The message and the music gave touched my heart and soul. I really needed this. It really impacted me in a deep way. I know it will have a lasting impact.” – Katy

 “It’s been hard for me to trust that God could love and forgive me. I’ve had some major screw ups in my past. However, Christie shared Bible passages that made me realize God does love me and the truth is he offers forgiveness to me. It was a message I really needed to hear… and hear it in a whole new way.” -- Vivian

Purpose. Passion. Possibilities.

Now more than ever we need people who are driven by these three principles. Imagine a generation compelled to live out their God-given purpose, tapping into their unique passions and not afraid to embrace life’s possibilities. The #liverevised Tour is a catalyst to create a new fervor for life with Biblical basis, courage and deepened faith. Audiences will be engaged by Christie’s powerful personal story of overcoming mediocrity, feelings of unworthiness, abuse and spiritual destruction. But the story doesn’t end there… Christie’s choice to “live life by a whole new set of rules” will empower, encourage and inspire audiences to action – to live in a revised way.

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