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    speaking on relationships

    I speak about relationships because I have failed at many of them.

    About five years ago, God blessed me with the love of my life and best-friend. This was only after I suffered a toxic, unhealthy marriage that ended in divorce. Growing up I had two parents who were high school sweethearts and to this day are still married. They raised three children and created a home that was full of love, laughter and Godly principles. Although I had great examples of what marriage, family and other relationships should look like…. l wasn’t perfect and neither was life.

    Now, I feel so lucky and grateful to my husband Mat and the two step-children that came with him. But I am still not perfect and life is still complicated and tough at times. But… through past mistakes and life lessons, I’ve grown and gained some great perspective that God gives me the opportunity to share with others. My message is centered on Biblical principles and offered with some real, down-to-earth tools and applications. It’s my heart to help families and couples live abundantly in this new generation and that we let our homes become an example of grace, love and forgiveness so that the world see God …right in our living rooms and bedrooms and even around our kitchen tables.

    Although audiences can vary, here are a few groups that tend to connect well with Christie's style and message:

    Married couples

    Wives and women

    Women recovering from divorce

    Married couples in 2nd marriages

    Moms and Dads with blended families

    Women recovering from abusive spouses or addict, self-destructive spouses

    There continues to be a variety of topics Christie is asked to speak on. Her presentations can range in length from 20 minutes to 3-day workshops. Christie typically tailors her talks to the specific audience she is asked to address and customizes her topics to fit themes and tones for specific events. However, she weaves her own story into all her topics.

    Some common speaking topics include:

    • Marriage and Money

    • Breaking free from toxic relationships

    • How to gain emotional stability after life upset

    • How to heal from hurt

    • Dealing with life after divorce

    • Learning how to forgive and still live with each other

    • Honest communication that drives intimacy

    • Finding romantic connection in the every day

    • Making him happy, keeping her fulfilled

    • Complete in She, Complete in He

    • How to make him crazy about you

    • Blending the family without the salt

    Sought after for her energetic and inspiring voice, Christie dishes out thought-provoking and challenging topics while adding her own brand of humor and personal story.

    As a speaker, Christie has been seen on stages across the U.S. since 1996. She has appeared on PBS, FOX and appears on several online video broadcasts weekly.  In addition to speaking, Christie is an award-winning writer. She is a featured contributor to The Huffington Post, has been a contributor for DaySpring, publishes a monthly women’s magazine read nation-wide and can be found on numerous blogs including her own at

    Originally from Memphis, Tn., she now resides on a lake in Northeastern Indiana where she enjoys time spent with her husband, two stepchildren and their puppy.

    Christie and her husband Mat

    Christie and her husband Mat


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