rePeatedly reVised

rePeatedly reVised

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Christie’s newest book is available for Pre Order now!
My latest book project encompasses my story and is set to be released in August. If you haven't become familiar with my story...let's just say it isn't all roses and rainbows. This book shares with you the ins and outs of what God took me through, brought me through and grew me out of. I share about my destructive decisions, my prison sentence, my divorce and most of all God's victory in it all.

If you are questioning God's presence, if you doubt if God could love you or use you, if you think you are so far gone that God's love can't reach you, if you want to read an inspiring story of God's victory and triumph in the midst of tragedy... this book is for you! 

And NOW you and ONLY YOU can pre-order it at a discounted price! You'll get the book, autographed by me, at a pre-order price of just $19.99.

PLUS I'll include a FREE gift in addition to your book. The book and free gift will be shipped in August, before anyone else can get it! 

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