reVised coaching ELITE membership

reVised coaching ELITE membership


This monthly membership program is offered with no contract. You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

  1. Get all the How-tos and When-tos with Christie's strategy calendar. No more guessing what to say, when to say it. No more wondering if you're doing too much or not enough. Not sure what your activity should be? No worries!!! Each month members get a strategy calendar that maps out all the activities they should work into the mix to propel their business forward. We've taken out the guesswork and replaced it with the freedom to run straight across the finish line!

  2. Participate in themed discussion with a series of training topics. A new one each month! Get the book for that theme here on the site and then follow along with the discussion

  3. Attend one-on-one conference calls for personalized strategy and planning. Get some one-on-one time where you and I can hammer out the details and put a plan of action in place for the next 30 days. You’re sure to catch a lot of wins and successes and the best part… no more feeling frazzled by overwhelm and wondering what to do next!

  4. Receive deep discounts on all our coaching products such as books, manuals and more that are soon to be released in 2019!

  5. Receive special invitations to ELITE Retreats. These are small, intimate groups designed for hyper-focus training and planning. It’s ONLY for ELITE members and will offered in a variety of ways and locations. From live webcasts to in-person business get-away retreats, these events will keep you fueled with your passion and purpose.

  6. GET FREEBIES! Just for joining, you’ll receive a free e-book and another free book mailed to you after 6 months of continued membership. It’s just my way of saying “Thanks!”

PLUS you’ll also be set up to receive:

  1. LIVE videos in the Facebook group with Christie. These live streams are interactive. Christie will share her insights and training, but you can ask questions, comment and get involved!

  2. Video training with downloadable resources. Christie doesn't hold anything back during these trainings. She is pulling back the curtain to unveil to you the greatest tips, how-tos and need-to-know pieces that have served her well for decades of success in several businesses.The great news is that the videos can be watched over and over again! Access the training library any time you want when you subscribe to the email list.

  3. Access to all sorts of great resources. From other service providers to Christie's own vault of goodies, we share it all and introduce you to all the tricks of the trade aimed at helping you maximize your success

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