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    Getting Started with Email Marketing

    Getting Started with Email Marketing


    LIVE, interactive and comprehensive workshop:

    • Friday, September 27th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    • at The Summit in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    • Lunch provided along with all-day beverages and snacks

    This workshop will be hands on and completely interactive! You can join us even if you’ve never sent an email before and even if you DON’T have a website or an email list!

    Christie will lead this workshop to take you from setup to launching your email marketing system.

    Here’s what you’ll get accomplished during this workshop:

    • Create an item of value or “freebie” to give away in trade for a subscriber’s email address

    • Create a landing page to highlight your freebie and entice folks to request it

    • Set up an email capture service

    • Create an email campaign to deliver and follow up on the freebie you’ve sent

    • Craft a marketing plan to drive traffic to your landing page

    You’ll also get:

    • An effective marketing plan to communicate with your ideal leads

    • A complete tech tutorial on all facets of this email marketing concept

    • Design assistance and content coaching

    • tutorials on programs like: Mailchimp, Canva and more

    Here’s what you need to make the most of this event:

    • A laptop or ipad that can access your email account and can access the internet

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