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    reFocus - No matter if you want to grow your business, want to start a business or just need to get better control and direction with your business, reFocus offers the help you need. In this unique program, Christie will walk you through the steps necessary for you to achieve your idea of success. Create a business that mirrors your passion, your values and creativity. At the same time, you will design a business that consistently brings in the cashflow to generate the sustained success you're looking for. 

    Cost is $1,620 total, but you can save $620 with one payment of $1,000 (you save a little money and we have some free gifts for you)

    or take advantage of our payment option: $600 down / $127.50 due each month for 8 months

    Whether you’re just getting started or if you’ve been a solo-business owner for years – you’ll discover strategies and tips here designed to show you exactly how your business can become your significant legacy. This program is a mix of one-on-one coaching and online group interaction. As a client you'll receive personalized planning and business developing time while working with Master Coach Christie Browning. The online group allows you to connect with other business women for encouragement, support and community. This program takes on average 8 months to complete with the option to continue as a VIP reVision member. 

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