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    Missing the Mark?

    Missing the Mark?


    "Missing the Mark?" - Setting goals you can actually achieve

    Goals -- they've gotten a bad name. We've missed them, quit them, gave up on them and wrote them off as a waste of our time. But don't blame the goals.... it's not goals, but the way we've tried to set them. In six weeks this e-course will change the way you think about goals, but more importantly it will set you on a clear, focused path to achieving those goals. Gain clarity and a direct course of action so you see success and momentum!

    Through video tutorials, lessons and worksheets, you'll be able to:

    • layout a step-by-step approach to hitting your goal each time
    • develop a plan to adjust when "life" threatens to derail your goal
    • learn how to set goals in five key areas of your life
    • do more than set a short-term goal, but create a vision for significance, fulfillment and happiness
    • craft goals that work within areas you can directly control
    • safeguard your goals from distractions, disappointments and negativity

    Your e-course fee includes:

    • six weekly lessons delivered to your inbox
    • six weekly video tutorials delivered to your inbox
    • printable handouts and worksheets included in your lessons
    • printable planning pages including in your lessons
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