Make 'em Stick (e-course)

Make 'em Stick (e-course)


"Make 'em Stick" - Gaining & retaining quality customers

You know how hard it can be to land quality when you do, you want to know they will come back for more. Business gurus say, the best customer is a repeat customer!

This six week e-course will help you attract and gain the quality customers and clients that will grow your business. It will also teach you how to build relationships so that you can retain those customers in order to sustain your business. 

Through video tutorials, lessons and worksheets, you'll be able to:

  • develop creative marketing techniques to secure quality customers and clients
  • create a business based on relationships that solidify customer loyalty
  • construct a consistent system for client and customer outreach
  • plan a communication system so that customers hear from you regularly
  • set you and your business apart from the masses with service that is unmatched
  • give your customers value with our breaking the bank or maxing out your schedule

Your e-course fee includes:

  • six weekly lessons delivered to your inbox
  • six weekly video tutorials delivered to your inbox
  • printable handouts and worksheets included in your lessons
  • printable planning pages including in your lessons
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