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In here it's real...

"I've been through so many coaching programs I honestly can't count them. But all of them were the same... unrealistic. That's why we do things differently here."  Welcome to a revised coaching approach!!

If you don't know, about 5 years ago I started coaching women in small business. We did everything from marketing to business organization to employee issues and other areas of growth. I did a lot of this one-on-one with women across the was great and tons of fun. However, I was given the opportunity to sell that business and move on and it just seemed like the right time to do that.

NOW... while I have loved writing and speaking (and believe you me, I am gonna keep on doing that cuz I love love love it)... there is a group that just continues to get under served and that is women in business.

But the heart of the matter is...

1) I have a passion to see women accomplish whatever their hearts are on fire to do. 
2) When I was coaching before, I loved getting to equip my clients with some REAL tools that were practical to help them grow
3) I have TONS of secrets, tips, tricks and all kinds of good stuff that I want to share -- no more keeping it quiet!
4) I KNOW women like you and like me need a real cheerleader and coach who gets where they are coming from -- no high-dollar, lots of time needed, unrealistic type of ideas. We need REAL REAL REAL
5) There is something so powerful when women come together to cheer each other on!
and lastly.....

6) I believe, in the margins of life... in the "in between" we can still find magic, power and inspiration for our dreams.

That girlfriend, is why I am soooo happy to host you in this great group!! reVised coaching is a group coaching group that will totally equip you with what you need EACH MONTH to be successful. We're talking real tips, real accountability, real know-how and most importantly, real results!

And it's affordable... FREE! The group access and interaction is FREE!

Participation perks a plenty!

As a reVised coaching group member, check out what you can expect:

  1. LIVE videos in the Facebook group with Christie. These live streams are interactive. Christie will share her insights and training, but you can ask questions, comment and get involved!
  2. Video training with downloadable resources. Christie doesn't hold anything back during these trainings. She is pulling back the curtain to unveil to you the greatest tips, how-tos and need-to-know pieces that have served her well for decades of success in several businesses.The great news is that the videos can be watched over and over again! Access the training library any time you want when you subscribe to the email list.
  3. Access to all sorts of great resources. From other service providers to Christie's own vault of goodies, we share it all and introduce you to all the tricks of the trade aimed at helping you maximize your success.
  4. Get all the How-tos and When-tos with Christie's strategy calendar. No more guessing what to say, when to say it. No more wondering if you're doing too much or not enough. Not sure what your activity should be? No worries!!! Each month members get a strategy calendar that maps out all the activities they should work into the mix to propel their business forward. We've taken out the guesswork and replaced it with the freedom to run straight across the finish line!
  5. Participate in themed discussion with a series of training topics. A new one each month! Get the book for that theme here on the site and then follow along with the discussion! 

Yes! This is for real!

Sign up and register for our reVised Coaching online group to get all the very best benefits of this online group... and hey, boss babe... it's FREE so why not share this with a friend or two!