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    Christie Coaches

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    Here, it’s real…

    "I've been through so many coaching programs I honestly can't count them. But all of them were the same... unrealistic. That's why we do things differently here."

    Welcome to a revised coaching approach!!

    For almost a decade, I have had the honor of coaching women to realize their dreams and put real, actionable steps in place to revise key areas of their lives. As a multi-entrepreneur, I garnered attention for my unique business philosophies while my methods for creating momentum was featured as a TED talk. For the past decade, I have devoted my attention to personal development and growth in order to hone my ability to create revisions in my life. I veraciously went after books, podcasts, professional conferences, one-on-one coaching to learn from the best. But I went a step further… I took all that I learned, applied it to my own life and what worked for me I am now honored to share with audiences far and wide. Now, I offer coaching programs that are the most concentrated, tactical advice pulled together in a step-by-step process so you can experience revisions in your own life….just in a shorter time frame.

    Whether it be revising your business or your life, I invite you to join one or both of our coaching groups! Business reVised is great for women who are looking to grow and scale their business with sustainable success. Live reVised is aimed at helping women make changes in their personal lives such as in relationships, finances, physical well-being, and others. In these groups, we dial in and focus on things like how to stay focused on your dreams, breathing life back into your momentum, regaining financial control, communicating effectively with those you love, how to grow your customer base, ways to increase your revenue. In live, interactive workshops each month, email resources, a Facebook community and more, you’ll gain practical, tactical how-tos from someone who’s been there and seen change in her own life. Get ready for powerful reVisions!

    Here’s what you get:

    1. Both Business reVised and Live reVised groups will feature a live coaching session where we’ll learn a specific topic as well as answer your questions. It’s the best of Facebook live videos, a gal-pal get-together, and a high-power conference — it’s a virtual session so you can watch from home. Each session is recorded so you can re-watch it as you need it. The technology is super simple to use so no worries if you aren’t a techno genius!

    2. If you join the Live reVised group, we’ll work together to tackle issues such as positive thinking, letting go of past mistakes, generating a motivating vision for key areas of life, chasing dreams and accomplishing goals, gaining control and getting ahead with your money, creating boundaries and expressing needs in relationships. This group is for YOU if you are looking to create a life of purpose, passion and possibilities.

    3. If you join the Business reVised group, I will should you how to uncover your ideal customers and clients, how to create actionable steps to grow your business, how to manage your time, when to move fulltime into your business, and more. This group is for YOU if own a side hustle, small business, direct sales business and want to start, scale or sustain a profitable business!

    4. No matter what group you join, you’ll get downloadable resources to use during the coaching session and to refer to as you work on the elements that month. You’ll also get emails each week to help keep you going and an action calendar of simple, daily tasks to get you through that month’s growth element.

    5. Both groups come with a private Facebook community where you can engage with other members and ask questions. You’ll also get LIVE videos from me and special guests who can aid in our growth and learning!

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    Introductory rate - $29

    • Monthly coaching sessions featuring LIVE teaching and Q&A with Christie

    • Monthly downloadable resources and worksheets

    • Ongoing email support & action calendar

    • Facebook community access

    • Mentoring & accountability within the group

    • Special monthly bonuses & resources

    business revised logo.png

    Introductory rate - $29

    • Monthly coaching sessions featuring LIVE teaching and Q&A with Christie

    • Monthly downloadable resources and worksheets

    • Ongoing email support & action calendar

    • Facebook community access

    • Mentoring & accountability within the group

    • Special monthly bonuses & resources

    bundle logo.png

    Introductory rate - $44

    • Access to both group coaching sessions

    • Access to both monthly downloadable resources and worksheets

    • Ongoing email support & action calendar for both life and business

    • Facebook community access for both groups

    • Mentoring & accountability within the groups

    • Special monthly bonuses & resources

    You’ve got questions… I’ve got answers

    What should I expect upon signing up?

    You can expect excitement!! We will applaud your decision to join and load you up with warm fuzzies! You will receive a welcome email shortly with all the details of how to get going such as important information and next steps! You’ll want to immediately get plugged into the Facebook community for members!

    What if I can’t attend a live class?

    No problem! All of our live, interactive coaching sessions are recorded. Shortly after the session, you’ll receive an email with a link to catch the replay. Since you won’t be live to ask questions, you’ll be provided with my direct email to ask questions or you can always jump into the Facebook group and ask other members.

    How will I know when to catch the live coaching sessions?

    We will send you an email each month to let you know what time class will begin and any other resources you might need to use during the session.

    How do I pay for my subscription?

    Your first registration is done through this site using the purchase options above under the group choice you are interested in. Once you have registered you’ll be invoiced each month 15 days before your due date, which will be the same day as your first registration for the next month. Failure to pay for that month’s membership will automatically remove you from the group and you will need to register again. You will be charged the first payment immediately. Credit card or debt card options are accepted. No checks will be accepted. Payment options each month are sent directly to your registered email address.


    • Register on June 17th - you will pay your first payment and membership begins right away.

    • Come July 2nd you will receive an email pay option to pay your monthly membership fee, due on July 17th.

    • If payment is not received by July 18th, your membership is suspended… but you can always sign up again!