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    6 steps to develop an unforgettable business hook

    6 steps to develop an unforgettable business hook.png

    The old adage says “there’s nothing new under the sun.” No matter what you do, someone else is probably doing it too! That’s okay, but can be totally nerve-wracking when it seems like you can’t get the attention your business needs to be successful. So how do you compete? How do you stand out in the crowd of others who do what you do? It’s simple. You need a dynamite hook. You need something that separates you from the pack, shows how you’re different, and what you bring to the table that is unique.

    Wanna know how to do this? Let’s dive in!

    6 steps to develop an unforgettable business hook

    1) List everything you can help your clients or customers with - List ALL the things, even the small things. Don’t leave anything out. Especially think about all the problems you are solving, the solutions you are providing and the answers you offer. This is meant to be a brain dump exercise so don’t try to get nice and neat with it….just start jotting stuff down!

    2) Pick the top five that really strikes a chord with you - Once you pick out the top five, spend some time with each one and identify why these won over the other things you jotted down. What makes these five so important to you? Why did these jump out over the others? Is there something here that’s close to your heart? Is this something you’ve personally experienced and now want to help your clients either have the same experience or avoid a bad experience? Jot down your thoughts on each of the five.

    3) Narrow down the five to topics that really sale - Which of these five get your clients excited or get your customers wanting more? What moves them to buy or invest in what you have to offer? Pick at least two, but don’t go with all five…this is an elimination exercise here. With the couple of things you’ve identified that really hit home with your clients and customers, jot down some thoughts as to why you think this is important to them.

    4) Look ahead to what you want to be known for - Imagine for a moment that you’ve hit the pinnacle of success. Clients and customers flocked to get what you have to offer and people see you as the ultimate authority on your area of industry. You’ve arrived and people know who you are and what you’re about. With picture in mind, answer this: what do you want to be known for? At this level of success, what do you want people to think about you, say about you and what kind of mark do you want to leave? Is there anything you want to NOT be known for? Take a moment to write down your answer.

    5) Identify a recurring theme - What’s the one thing you’ve identified that resonates with who you are and want to be, but also solves a problem for your customer? What’s the word or statement that lands solid in your heart but is tied to the answer your clients are looking for? Can you see how some of these previous answers tie together? Can you connect the dots? Jot down the thoughts that are starting to surface here.

    6) Create the one-sentence mission statement - It’s time to take everything we just walked through and pull together one sentence that describes what you do, who you provide it for, what you offer and what outcome they can expect.

    Here’s my example as a business coach:

    I show women business owners real techniques they can immediately implement to build a business full of purpose and possibilities.

    See how that works…

    “I show” is what I do

    “women business owners” is who I provide it for or who I work with

    “real techniques they can immediately implement” this is what I offer that not all coaches do

    “to build a business full of purpose and possibilities” is the outcome they can expect

    Now it’s your turn… take it for a spin and share below what sentence you create!

    Want some help? Email me at and I can offer you my best feedback or better yet, visit us on Facebook in our online community to get women who are just like you to weigh in on your idea.