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    Back to school means back to goal setting


    by Christie Browning

    It’s that time of year again. Back to school season. Summer is over and a new academic year means getting back in the swing of things. For some, the shift out of summer and into the school year means buttoning up goals and dialing in to-do lists.

    But whether you face the new academic year with a renewed sense of opportunity, or you dread another season that's come and gone without your goals achieved, you can make a change to be the best you can be at any time. A fresh start awaits you every single day. There’s no reason to limit yourself to the feeling or belief that you need a new year, new month, or new season to rejuvenate your goals. Instead of waiting for the perfect time of year, day of the week or date on the calendar, what if you just hit the reset button and gave it another, smarter go right now?

    If you’re familiar with my #liverevised mission, you know that I'm all about lifelong growth, success and living life to the fullest. That means not just planning something, but executing and achieving what you set out to do; and not just because it’s a new "anything", but because every day is an opportunity to do something amazing!

    Today is a new day. What will you accomplish?

    It’s been about eight months since January 1st. Whether it felt like a long time or it went by in a flash, in the big scheme of things, eight months isn’t that long and you shouldn’t be too undeterred if you hit some road bumps and deterrents. Before you scrap your goals completely or decide that it just didn’t work out this year, let’s walk through a few steps:

    Step 1: Assess your current state

    Put the brakes on and be honest. What’s not working? You set these goals for yourself and things aren’t coming together as you planned. Why? An honest evaluation of your efforts and how you feel is the first step. 

    Step 2: Making adjustments

    Checking in on your goal progress and making adjustments is so important. You might find that the timeline you've established for your goal isn't realistic. If you need more time or resources to reach a goal, don't scrap it... just make an adjustment. The goal is still valid, but the finish line may need to be moved. It's OK! Sometimes when you start on a goal, it's hard to determine for sure when you can reach it or to know exactly what you need to complete it. If you need more time, resources, or support, go back to the drawing board. You’ve tried accomplishing something within a certain number of days, weeks or months and it’s not enough; how much time do you really need? What has been missing that will make the difference?

    And since time can’t be created from thin air, consider ways you can eliminate inefficiencies from your day or week. What moments in your day are least productive? Make tweaks such as:

    • Saying no rather than yes to new projects that will take you away from your goal.
    • Prioritizing what is most important to you and recognizing that you can’t do it all.
    • Delegating tasks that take up your time but don’t need to be done by you.
    • Block out time in the morning to get your day off to a good start, using your waking moments as efficiently as possible.

    Step 3: Find your focus

    Just because you may have lost steam on your goals doesn’t mean you have to give up on them. Every day is an opportunity to recommit to them. Facing that fear of failure or laziness can’t be an excuse this year for not doing what you want to do.

    • Remember why a goal is important to you.
    • Tell someone who cares about you, to create accountability.
    • Recognize when something isn’t working, is unrealistic, or impractical and try a different approach. There are many ways to arrive at a destination.
    • Be patient with yourself.

    I know that this might be the time of year when you need support the most and we hope this post inspires you not to give up!

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