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    10 tips to make your social media posts stand out

    by Christie Browning

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    Social media is the highway business owners are merging onto full speed ahead. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or the next latest and greatest platform, posts are where it's at. However, in the quest to post a lot of content, there's a lot getting posted, but is any of it any good? After all, what do you get from posts if they are crummy? More crummy posts!

    So, in the name of prevention, here are 10 tips to help take your social media posts from crummy to incredible! 

    1. Make it personal & relevant - don't go cookie-cutter or plain jane. Make it personal to your business and relevant to your audience.
    2. Think visual - people like things that catch the eye. So get pics, videos and memes that are interesting. Better yet, get pics that are of you and your team!
    3. Don't worry about getting it perfect - don't worry about perfect hair or perfect lighting. Just be you and be real. People respond more to reality than the fantasy that your look, your business and your life are perfect! Especially when it comes to videos... just be you!
    4. It's all in the timing - know when your audience is more engaged on your social media platform and post then. Don't just post any ol' time. Try to create your posts that will appear at the time when your audience shows up.
    5. Give your best - don't just offer the teasers...give your audience really good, really helpful content and they'll keep begging for more! Make serving your audience through your posts your mission. If you approach your audience with a service mindset, you'll always have the quality messages you need.
    6. Tell stories - Your story, clients' stories ... stories engage and bring followers in. They don't have to be long, but they do need to be transparent. Don't get carried away with putting all your drama on Facebook...that isn't what this story-telling is about. But it is about being real, being honest and letting your post show your audience they aren't alone. You understand, you empathize and you are there for them.
    7. Give more than you get - don't make all your posts about sales. Work on an 80/20 split - 80% informative, relevant posts and 20% soft sales posts.
    8. Plan and prepare your posts - think about creating a posting calendar so that you can plan the right posts for the right day. If you plan your posts you will be more likely to create a variety of content and I bet it will be more quality content than if you just post anything at any time. Try using scheduling services like HootSuite and Buffer to manage your posts and when they schedule.

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