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6 choices to keep in mind when making decisions about God's plan for you

I have spent many nights wrestling with a decision for fear that I wouldn’t make the right choice and would miss out on God’s plan for me. Everything from what college to attend, what classes to take, what church to go to, what car to buy, what man to marry….I’ve gone toe-to-toe with choices and was beaten at my own game simply because I was agonize over the big picture plan God had in mind form. Make the wrong choice and I knew I would disappoint God or be left without His very best for me. Make the right choice and for a moment I could take a breath before the next decision reared up for me to battle.

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The happiness lie

While scrolling through my social media channels, I ran across a post from a gal outlining a number of circumstances that had unfolded in her young life. As the post spelled out a list of choices made and best intentions laid, she closed with an ultimatum…

As long as I’m happy, that should be all that matters to my family and my true friends.”

My heart sank as I read this statement because I know the truth…. Happiness is a lie.

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