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    6 choices to keep in mind when making decisions about God's plan for you

    Decisions — I’ve struggle with making them.

    I have spent many nights wrestling with a decision for fear that I wouldn’t make the right choice and would miss out on God’s plan for me. Everything from what college to attend, what classes to take, what church to go to, what car to buy, what man to marry….I’ve gone toe-to-toe with choices and was beaten at my own game simply because I was agonize over the big picture plan God had in mind form. Make the wrong choice and I knew I would disappoint God or be left without His very best for me. Make the right choice and for a moment I could take a breath before the next decision reared up for me to battle.

    This was my lot in life for decades.

    It wasn’t until I spent a year in prison that I soon learned to see God differently and began to understand what “His plan” for me was all about.

    I had seen God as a heavenly being who demanded perfect obedience or else. However, I learned that God isn’t some dictator up in the clouds waiting to see if I screw it all up today. In fact, He is wanting to be a heavenly father who cheers me on to victory, who wants to join with me for a life full of joy and His blessings. I began to see that His plan for me was not so dependent on my picking the right door or pushing the right buttons. No, His plan is more about taking me by the hand and showing me what all He has in store for me - all the while I am learning to see myself as He sees me and getting to see Him as the God who loves me so deeply.

    Here’s a 6 mile markers to keep in your peripheral view as you travel down this road of life:

    • The right decision isn’t about creating the life I should have

    We know what we should have, what we should be, what we should do… we set a lot of high expectations. I should go to college, I should start my career, I should marry that man, I should have kids, I should buy a house… and so on. What’s the alternative if we don’t fulfill the “shoulds?” Failure…at least that’s what the world, social media, your college friends and other moms might think. But God has a different view.

    • The right decision is about discovering God’s blessings

    Life is meant to be about discovery. Learning who we are and what we want is just part of it. The other part is uncovering our talents and gifts and taking time in life to learn how to use them to point others to God. For a very long time I was wrapped up in becoming something great, instead of learning how to simply be great because of who created me. I was fixated on position instead of positioning myself in the path of my Heavenly Father. God isn’t limited by your career choice, the house you buy or the city you live in. He isn’t waiting on you to pick the right job or the right man. He has a treasure trove of blessings for you simply because you are His daughter. And to make it even better… He is patient and understands that we aren’t perfect and sometimes we are slow to move. God understands where I am. He is patient with my progress, and every sincere effort counts to Him. If He is okay with my learning process, I can be too.

    • The right decision isn’t an ultimatum

    My church assigns jobs to be fulfilled within the congregation. One person may be called to teach a class while another is called to lead music and another is tasked with overseeing building maintenance. Each time I know I am going to asked to take on a role, I am worried it will be as something I really hate. But God knows me and I have to trust that He is leading the folks at church so that I am given the very right job at the right time. God doesn’t force His plan on you. He doesn’t barter, beg or negotiate. It isn’t an all or nothing thing for Him. He approaches each opportunity with love and a motive of blessings and joy for you life.

    • The right decision will match His plan to my humble obedience

    No matter what the options are, when I pick something out of defiance or stubbornness…it’s never the right choice. However, if my decisions are truly to follow God and to seek out His intent for me in that selection, there is always good to follow. God gives us a clear choice to obey or not. He knows what we really are seeking is a true and right relationship with Him, because He is the only one who satisfies. If I look for Him first, all the things I desire will follow. Remember the verse to seek first the Kingdom of God? The back-end of the verse is, “and all these things shall be added unto you.”

    Making a choice out of faith and obedience requires trust that God always has your best interest at heart. He has plan for your greatness, not your defeat. Our desires and dreams may not come about the way we had envisioned, but if our hearts are chasing after God and wanting truly what He wants for us, He’ll honor our intent and we’ll never be unfulfilled.

    • The right choice isn’t without mistakes

    We are human. We are free to make our own choices. Therefore, we are bound to make mistakes or make a wrong move. The great thing about God is that He loves us so much, He’ll work to course correct things for us. And He’ll also continue to lead us even the path went from a straight shot to a winding curvy road. He creates a space for us to learn. He catches us when we stumble and He picks us back up when we fall. He doesn’t sit back and laugh and point when we don’t get it right. No! He aches when we struggle and are frustrated, but He won’t abandon us or give up on us.

    • The right choice is divine

    Learning to lean on God to give us direction is the right choice….for all aspects of our life. As long as we earnestly seek after God, even our humanness that threaten to trip us up won’t derail His ultimate plan for us. We have to come to understand that God’s expectations are nearly the same as ours. While we are chasing financial freedom, career advancement, the perfect home with perfect children, and the perfect application of eyeliner…God only seeks out our whole heart. His plan is for us to learn more about Him, grow closer to Him and follow after Him. The plan is HIM! His expectations are for us to devote our hearts to Him by creating space in our days, allowing God to be part of our decisions, bringing him into our conversations and prayers, making room for studying His promises and His Word. This is His plan and His expectations. One thing you can count on, His expectation is not perfection. Our choice is to keep learning, keep trying and working toward a deeper, personal relationship with Him.

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