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    repeatedly revised.jpg

    rePeatedly reVised

    Well, Hello! It's been awhile!


    Coming out of a fog...

    So many of us are excited to see buds and blooms starting to appear because we know summer is coming soon! At our house, we're counting down the days until the school year ends and my stepson will officially be a Junior in high school! Next year he'll be driving to school on his own! We sometimes want the seasons to hurry and change, but we also ache when time flies and our kids grow up, our loved ones grow old and we grow weary from the long days life has to offer.

    That's the word I would use for April .... "weary." It was a busy month. A lot of great things happened, but it has been jam-packed! Some of the highlights from April included getting to give my first TED talk at TEDx Fort Wayne. That was an INCREDIBLE experience! I also made a long road trip south to visit my 96-year-old grandmother on the weekend of her birthday. 

    As April comes to a close, I am ready to recover from a busy month and renew my heart and mind. I've been doing so already by reading a great book. But don't worry... I won't idle for too long! May comes with some cool new products to share with you and some great videos and blogs too!

    Weary, but soon to be wired -

    TEDx: A defining experience

    Earlier this month, I joined 12 other speakers for TEDx Fort Wayne. We all shared a variety of ideas, but for all 13 of us, that red dot on the stage (TED's iconic platform marker) was a defining moment. I was so humbled and honored to get to share my story and offer audience members 4 practical ways to generate their own momentum from the inside out! Stay tuned for more pics and videos from the day's events.

    A personal recommendation...

    One of the smartest gals I know is offering a coaching opportunity for women. Cyndi owns Inpowered by Cyndi, which exists to help women truly live a life of happiness and fulfillment. She is amazing! I have looked to her for so many matters of the heart especially when it comes to relationships. 

    Right now Cyndi is looking for open-minded women to join her for some valuable coaching and all she asks is some feedback from you as a participant. Space IS limited!! She has a new coaching program that she is looking to test and get some honest input on it. 

    Cyndi is passionate about helping women heal their life and do what they were born to do. She wants to ensure that her content is as valuable and full of creative content as it can be! It may only take you 45 minutes to complete but you may choose to go back to it again and again!

    If this is you... if you want to change your life while giving some constructive feedback and write a simple review while you to learn some valuable life skills (free of charge!!). If you are open to this then simply send Cyndi an email at with "ME" in the subject line. Remember, space IS limited! 

    If you aren't available right now but would like to try to review some other content she is coming out with, go ahead and send her an email and let her know to 'add me to the waiting list'.


    Have you been brokenhearted? Crushed in spirit? Wounded, hurt, beat up? I know each of these feelings, sometimes at my own hand and sometimes at the hand of others. Life is hard and relationships are harder sometimes. When you’re hit in the face with pain, loss, disappointment, and despair, there can be a desperation to push out of that moment, to no longer feel the feelings. >>> read more >>>


    In the past, I have let my schedule keep me distracted and my ambition to grow my business has taken priority over other important things. As a result, Mat and I can experience some distance in our relationship. In my previous marriage, this was a huge concern. I was off, busy doing my thing and my then husband was off doing his thing. We were just ships passing in the night, we were ships that weren’t even sailing the same sea. >>> read more >>>


    This is an online group aimed at helping women be encouraged, empowered and inspired to live bolder, brighter, happier lives. Who's this group for:
    This group is for ALL women - business women, stay-at-home-moms, working women, young women, mature women. This group is NOT for women who are perfect, never get overwhelmed or struggle with life! >>> JOIN US >>>
    reVised coaching is a group coaching concept that will totally equip you with what you need EACH MONTH to be successful. We're talking real tips, real accountability, real know-how and most importantly, real results!

    And it's affordable... it's FREE to participate!

    As a member you have access to this awesome group page. You'll also get access to videos, tutorials and biz builder supplies. You'll be invited to participate in live videos and some other really fun bonuses! >>> JOIN US >>>

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