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    rePeatedly reVised

    3 ways to remember Jesus' love for you on hard days

    by Christie Browning

    3 ways to remember Jesus' love for you on hard days.png

    “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit…
    He heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds.”
    psalm 34:18, 147:3

     Have you been brokenhearted? Crushed in spirit? Wounded, hurt, beat up? I know each of these feelings, sometimes at my own hand and sometimes at the hand of others. Life is hard and relationships are harder sometimes. When you’re hit in the face with pain, loss, disappointment and despair, there can be a desperation to push out of that moment, to no longer feel the feelings.

    As much as we can apply therapy or emotional ointments, healing is best applied through the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. But that can seem far away. Turning to prayer can seem a trite solution and may leave you feeling no immediate resolve. If scripture tells us the Lord is near to us and will heal us, how do we trust that when our feelings tell us differently?

    The truth… Jesus hasn't forgotten you or your pain. He doesn't forget that you need Him or that you are asking Him for answers.

    1) Remember God’s truth-filled messages

    The scriptures are filled with promises that remind us of God’s interaction with us in times of need. We can also see this exemplified through Jesus’ time here on earth. When Jesus knew he would be headed to the cross and that his time was limited, he drew closer to his disciples and invested in them in that upper room that night. I am sure his heart went out to the pain and confusion they would soon feel, so he took time to eat with them one last time. He reminded them in that moment of the promise of the Kingdom to come. For us, in our need, it is important to keep reminded of the promises in scripture before we ever need them. When you invest in your relationship with Christ and you keep feasting on scripture, you’re ready for the hard days ahead.

    2) Remember that you are known, loved and seen

    Our Heavenly Father knows us in ways that only He can. He sees into our very hearts and understands when we hurt. Put yourself into that upper room for that last meal with Christ. Imagine the look in His eyes, the tone of His voice as He speaks. Christian writer, Bonnie Gray depicts the scene this way:

    ”Imagine Jesus sharing with you - as He breaks the bread into broken pieces - to show you how much He loves you. He was thinking of all that you are worried about today, when He hung on the cross. Jesus didn't want you to face all your worries alone. He wanted to be with you, feeling and facing it all with you, through the Holy Spirit who lives in you today. So that you would know that you're worth loving. That you are remembered. Now, see the dream he carried in his heart onto the cross—to love, hold, and heal you, to return to being His beloved little girl —coming true in you today.”

    In our modern day lives it can be easy to only think of Jesus as a character in a New Testament story. It’s easy to dismiss God as this undefined being way out there, not connecting with our everyday living. But in those moments of despair, when life gets hard, it’s helpful to stop and really picture our Heavenly Father with a heart for us and our needs.

    Christ made a different kind of promise His disciples had never, ever heard anyone make — they would be reunited one day.

    Remember me. I promise.

    I'm not going to leave you orphans.

    I will make my forever home in you. I will dwell in you. 

    I will journey with you every day. All the way.

    It was a blood promise.  

    3) Remember Christ’s sacrifice for you

    Christ gave up himself to be a sacrifice for us. In doing so, He created a down payment on the promise He made to His disciples and to you and me — we will be united with Him in Heaven. He also put things in motion to begin fulfilling the promise that we are not alone. Jesus remembered His disciples and you and me when He offered the Holy Spirit as a companion. Jesus remembered them. And Jesus remembers you today.

    In that Last Supper meeting, Jesus was saying:

    Remember me.  Remember how far I'd go, just to be with you.

    Let go of whatever you're holding onto.

    Let me hold onto you instead. I'll love you to the very end.

    Beloved, remember how far I’d go, just to be with you.
    I promise. I’m never going to leave you orphaned.
    I’ll journey with you. Every day. All the way. Let go of whatever you’re holding on to. Let me hold on to you instead.

    Let me love you. My love will heal you. Today.