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    repeatedly revised.jpg

    rePeatedly reVised

    Playing hide & seek with your potential


    by Christie Browning

    Moms and wives... you know the way we look for things is far different than the way our kids and husbands look for things, right? I can clearly tell my family that the ketchup is on the second shelf behind the pickles in the fridge. My family will NOT be able to find the ketchup.... it. never. fails. This lame attempt at searching for the ketchup, even after I offer my detailed roadmap to the bottle, is followed by "I can't find it. We don't have any." Can anyone else relate?

    Just a few days ago, my husband swore that my wireless mouse was misplaced and it certainly wasn't on my desk in my office. I went to look for it and lo and behold it's sitting on my desk!! Yes, there were some books sitting in front of it, but a simple move of a few items and the mouse was easily uncovered. 

    I love them dearly, but they just don't see things, find things or look for things the way I can. I am convinced it's a women's-only trait...this skill to find things that were "missing."

    As good as we may be at locating lost ketchup bottles, missing computer mice, and a varied of other household items, we as women aren't always so great a locating our purpose, passion, and potential. 

    When life's mishaps, mistakes, failures, and disappointments leave us feeling ashamed, overlooked, unimportant and paling in comparison.... we tend to lose sight of the truth. The truth that God has afforded us a purpose. He sees our potential and His redemption means a new passion for living a life full of Him. We may think our pasts are just piles of scrap material in the tatters of our life, but God sees beautiful potential in what our "scraps" can mean to others in the hands of our Father. Although we may be guilty of spending our days missing our potential, losing ourselves, misplacing our worth... God always has a plan and purpose for you. 

    Our Heavenly Father sees our value, sees our hidden potential. He wants to give us a road map to find it for ourselves so that we can relish in the truth! 

    2 Corinthians 5:17 says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; the old is gone, the new is here!"

    Don't you see that Christ has given us something new! We don't have to be lost in our pasts. We can be found with new purpose, new life, new potential because of a God who loved us enough to create us, and plan for us to have a life with Him through His Son Jesus.

    Think of a time when you've felt lost, without hope or without potential. When have your past mistakes, failures and disappointments robbed you of feeling worthy, feeling needed, feeling purpose-full? There are many days when I feel so far from useful, worthy, valuable... the world wants to hold me and define me by my latest mistake. But Christ came so we can LIVE and not just live to survive and get through... but to LIVE MORE ABUNDANT lives! 

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    So get good a spotting that potential! God loves you enough to redeem you and put you on a high place simply because you are YOU!

    He wants to pull you out of the past and set your feet on the path to a life that's revised!

    Learn more how to do this by clicking here and joining our movement to #liverevised!

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