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    rePeatedly reVised

    Am I really needed?

    by Christie Browning

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    I love to write.

    I love to speak.

    Looking back, I can see how writing and speaking was part of me even at a young age. I remember sitting on my bed with my stuffed animals set up around me. I would interview them as if we were on a talk show and I would speak to them as their glass eyes were peering at me without blinking. At the same time, I remember sitting at my old electric typewriter writing short stories that no one would ever read. Then I spent my high school and college years writing to newspapers. 

    With this foundation being such a part of my early life, you'd think I would be super confident in my speaking and writing calling. But I'm not. 

    Each time I publish a blog, a book or an article, I think "who are you to share that thought?" Who are you to be the 'authority?'" As I finish speaking at an event, I'll replay everything I said in my mind and dissect each word. Many times I am left thinking, "Gee Christie, what makes what you have to say so special?" 

    It's easy to feel that my gifts and talents aren't needed. Afterall, there's a gajillion speakers and writers...what could I do that is different? What difference can I make? What makes my message a powerful, impactful one instead of just another voice to add to the noise? 

    I would suspect that if you are gifted, talented or passionate to share something on your heart or to respond to a calling on your life, you might feel the same way. Maybe, just maybe, you are sitting on a compelling message, a song in your heart, a skill that you could teach, some insight and perspective that could change lives... and the fear that you are just one of the many may be keeping you quiet. 

    If that's you... it's time to make some noise! 

    Your Heavenly Father created that talent inside you birthed that gift to give, and placed that passion in your heart... and He did it for it to be shared! He does need you and there are people that do need to hear from you, see you and be taught by you. YOU ARE UNIQUE and there IS ROOM FOR YOU!

    How do I know this? No, I am no great market researcher, but I know my God and He said in Matthew 9:37-38:

    "...The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."

    There are plenty of opportunities for each of us to be used, to be of value, to make an impact. 

    It's easy to look at those who are already doing what you want to do and wonder if there's room for you. Sitting on the sidelines is frustrating and depressing. It can create self-doubt and low-confidence. Feeling like there's no room for us in our careers, in our callings and in our talents can be enough to keep us stuck and stagnate. But we just read in Matthew that there is a need. We do have a place and a purpose to make a difference. 

    For me, I look at great speakers and writers such as Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine, Beth Moore and so many others and I think... man, I should just quit. All the spots for speakers and writers are already taken by these powerful, impactful, highly-qualified women. I should just give up now. But read these truths, my friend...

    1) God created you and gave you these talents, gifts and passions.

    2) He created you in this time on the planet for a reason

    3) He didn't give you these talents and gifts for no reason -- He intends for you to use them

    4) He knew when He created you with this talent and gift and in this time and space that there would be folks like Priscilla, Christine, Beth (insert your area's heavy hitter) already doing what they are doing. The "competition" hasn't taken him by surprise.

    5) God isn't tapped out. He's not creating more people, more talent, more gifts, more passion without also creating more opportunity for you to act in those talents, gifts and passions. He's not rationing opportunities... He's big enough to create more! His opportunity "pie" isn't running out, He's creating a more pie and has a special piece of that pie just for YOU!

    There is room for me and room for you! And more than enough hearts, lives and ears to influence, change and impact!

    Writer Glynnis Whitwer wrote: "When we answer God's call on our lives, there is unlimited opportunity to serve Him. There is room for each of us to do His Kingdom work. God isn't limited by market trends or economic downtown. Nothing is too hard for Him. So if He's called you, there is room for you, too!"

    So let's hear from you... what's your talent, gift, passion or dream that you've been thinking of sharing with the world? Is there a calling you feel God's placed on your heart? Tell us about it in the comments!

    And if this blog post touched your heart... I'd love for you to share it with your friends.

    Remember.... you are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind gifted with something only you can bring to the world. Someone needs what you have to offer it in the way only you can provide it!

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