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    rePeatedly reVised

    reVision TV episode #1 (VLOG) - How to make it through tough times

    Tough times... we all have them, we all go through them. However, it's the getting through part that sometimes makes the difference. I was just speaking to a sweet friend I hadn't seen in awhile. We ran into each other at Walmart, you know...where all reunions happen in a small town.  As we took a few minutes (ok...maybe 20 minutes) to catch up I was reminded of a phrase my grandmother used to say:

    "Don't go running for the phone when you should be going to the Throne." 

    What she meant was, don't be whining to everyone who comes within three feet of you about all your problems when taking them in prayer to the God who already knows about your problems is waiting to hear from you! 

    I think I'll take the liberty to rephrase that quote of hers for our social media lifestyles:

    "Don't go looking to Facebook for the answers you should be finding in the Good Book."

    You know what I'm talking about... the ones that post and post and post the drama, the problems, the struggles. Now listen, I am all about sharing real life and being transparent, but there comes a time when I think we worship at the feet of our Facebook followers instead of the Heavenly Father who already knows our hearts and knows our struggles. 

    In the Scriptures we find truth, we find promises, we receive comfort and strength. One of the most critical game changers for me was when I learned to turn first to the Bible for answers instead of my friends, family and certainly my Facebook followers. I do think there's something to be said for community and I do believe you can create a bit of community on social media... heck, we have a group page for this very thing. But I think you know the difference between a sister who's sharing in a group in order to get some encouragement and the one who is filling everyone's news feed fishing for someone to join in on the drama. 

    That being said, this VLOG has some personal survival tips that I use to walk through those really tough times!

    What works for you? How do you get by? Share your favorite ideas and even those go-to scriptures that hit home for you in the comments below! And if you like this VLOG, share it with a friend!