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    PB&J Power Hour: Start your day off right

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    Blog Reading: Luke 4:16-44

    Luke 4:42 (NIV) “At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place. The people were looking for him and when they came to where he was, they tried to keep him from leaving them.”

    At daybreak… Jesus was already seeking a place of quiet solitude in the morning. Anybody relate to those type of mornings?

    What I learn about Jesus in this scripture is that He knew the value of quiet time spent in the morning.

    There was a time that my daybreak would mean hitting the snooze button and prolonging crawling out from the comfort of bed as long as I possibly could. I love sleep and I love snuggling up in the warm bed, especially this time of year. I like naps, I like sleeping in, I like the comfort offered by a pair of cozy pjs and a crisp set of sheets. But years ago, I was hit with an awareness that my days could be infinitely better if I would get up to spend time reading the Bible and praying. Yes, it did mean giving up some sleep, but when weighed against time with my Heavenly Father, did a few minutes of sleep compare? No. So early mornings became my routine.

    During the week I spend time in PB&J. No, we’re not talking about the popular kids sandwich. PB&J for me is prayer, bible reading and journaling… and in that order. I start by praying so that my head and heart are geared up for step 2, reading the Bible and then I end with journaling about what I just read and any insights I gained. Before this routine, I would take time at night before bed to do the same thing. But when I was pushed to shift this routine to the morning, I wrestled with it.

    Why do I need to get up early? What difference can a few hours and a little daylight make? Can’t God hear me later? Maybe you’ve wrestled with the same questions.

    Here are a few reasons why I found the morning routine to be powerful for me:

    Reason #1: If it was good enough for Jesus, then it should be good enough for me. Our goal as Christ-followers is to be more and more like Jesus. Therefore,if he got up at daybreak, shouldn’t that be what I try to do too? We see this example on more than one occasion in scripture. In the instance of our key verse Jesus had faced a very grueling schedule. He had gone one-on-one with Satan in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13), driven an evil spirit out of a man (Luke 4:31-37) and healed Simon Peter’s mother-in-law as well as many others. (Luke 4:38-39) Yet when the new day dawned He arose to meet with His Father.

    Reason #2: Heavenly Father knows what we need to arm ourselves with each day. Our mornings spent with Him arms us for the day ahead and fills our hearts and minds with truth, love and peace to face the day. Our spirit realigns with the Holy Spirit so we will respond in a Christ-like manner when life unfolds. God knew Jesus would be headed for the synagogue to preach. (Luke 4:44) Time alone would prepare His heart and mind for ministry.

    Reason #3: It’s true that God hears us anytime we pray - day or night. And the scriptures are true and carry weight for us at anytime we pick them up to read. But for me, early in the morning, there is a quiet calm in my house and there’s just something about it that welcomes a deeper, more intimate environment for the Holy Spirit to whisper to my heart. The time at daybreak opens the dialogue with God … and the conversation continues all day.

    If these reasons aren’t enough for you to make time in the morning for some PB&J, maybe you should give it a try for yourself and see if the difference is enough to keep you going at it each morning. I believe God honors the sacrifice we make to give up sleep and comfort for some time spent with Him. Doesn’t that mean a lot to us when someone we love wants to spend time with us so much that they give up something important to do so? Why would it be any less with our Heavenly Father who loves us so deeply and wants us to want Him. I bet you’ll see the benefit and blessing if you give it a try.

    What are your thoughts or comments? What makes your scripture time more meaningful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

    Christie BrowningComment