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    rePeatedly reVised

    I have given up on my to-do lists

    by Christie Browning

    If you know me, you know that I have been addicted to organized day planners and to-do lists for a very long time. I thrive on a good calendar that let's me keep track of my activities and appointments. Normally as the end of the year comes closer and closer, I begin to geek out about the next year's planner and start foaming at the mouth to set my goals and put into place my plan of action for the new year. 

    But, this year the feeling was different. As the holiday season approached I didn't have that need for a planner fix. I wasn't really looking forward to the new year. It wasn't that I was dreading the new year, it was more that I was exhausted and looking ahead with a big ol' game plan made me want to ride the bench. 

    2016 was a long year that presented lots of hurdles. And although the year ended on an extremely high note, most of the year my plate was overflowing and I really was burned out and tired. 

    Enter in Lara Casey and her #Powersheets. I have been a fan of Lara Casey for a while. I read her book "Make It Happen" and had been a follower of her blog for a couple of years. This year something about her "intentional goal planner" captivated me and made me start thinking differently about the new year.

    In the planner she writes, "Goals can be overwhelming if they aren't connected to what matters. They can make life busier. I don't want a new to-do list for my life; I want a clear, meaningful path. I want to know I'm living with intention and purpose instead of living by accident."

    That statement really resonated with me. I was tired of living by a list, by a set of to-dos and feeling like a failure when those things didn't happen, or killing myself to scratch each of them off as done. In the end, I didn't feel like I was really living at all. I always felt like I was playing catch up and that I wasn't ever reaching the finish line. 

    But when I read this statement, I thought YES!!! I want to live a clear and meaningful path. I know I was created for a purpose, but that purpose loses its magic and motivation when it gets buried in a long list of to-dos. As I journaled about the new year, I wrote:

    "This is the year! This is the year I create a splash! No more ripples of no impact. I am going after waves of inspiration and meaningful living."

    Now, don't get me wrong. There's still goals in place for 2017. It's more about a mindset shift and going about my day-to-day action a bit differently...with more grace and forgiveness when I don't get it done.

    In fact, I've picked my 2017 word of the year -- "Done." For many years I have been about starting a lot of great things. I naturally crave change and want to embrace new things. But somewhere along the way, I get bored and fall uninspired. I leave so many things at the halfway mark, finishing nothing I start. Well, not this year. This year things get DONE. This year things get COMPLETED, FINISHED, WRAPPED UP.

    I spent most of adult life trying to figure out me. Looking for purpose, significance and where to fit in. After spending time in prison that all changed and I began to see my purpose unfold within my passions and talents. Since then I've started ALOT of things, said I was gonna do TONS of stuff and each time I fell short of finishing. NO MORE! 2017 means getting it done! Finishing!!

    I am letting go of this sense failure and truly feeling embarrassed that I've been all talk and no action. I am not carrying this weight of failure into 2017. Because 2017 is a year of completion; of seeing it thru; of being a starter AND a finisher; of crossing off goals and pushing through to new ones; of seeing the needle move and not looking back at stagnate, unfulfilled dreams.

    So, what's your word? What will define 2017 for you? Write it down and, more importantly, write down why this word is important and relates to your 2017. Get passionate and get connected emotionally! That's where the magic happens. And...feel free to check out my friend Lara's page at

    Be sure to share in the comments below what your word is and why! We love hearing from you!!!

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