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5 ways to create more connection in your marriage

I felt the sting of the truth… we haven’t talked, really talked, in a while. Nothing was really wrong in our relationship. We weren’t showing any signs of disconnect or dissatisfaction, but somewhere along the line, we forgot how to open up and have a real conversation. I remember when we dated, we would spend hours on the phone talking. Gosh, what did we talk about? How on earth did we fill hours of conversation night after night? Well, truthfully we were getting to know each other so we talked about more than just our day. We talked about our favorite Christmas memories, the time our family went camping, the first time we tried to snow ski, our favorite teachers in high school and so on… We didn’t talk from our calendars, we talked from the heart. It really wasn’t what was being said that made those conversations so special, it was that in those moments, it was just about the two of us. We weren’t interrupted by children needing our attention, the microwave dinging, or our cellphones chirping. If those things threatened to distract us, we pushed through to keep our focus on each other.

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