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    6 things every wife needs to tell her husband

    by Christie Browning

    We’ve been told over and over again how communication is key in a marriage. However, if you communicating junk, the only thing doing more of it gets you is more of the same junk. So…gals, it’s time to get intentional about what we say to our men. You know… some things besides:

    “Take out the trash”

    “My car is making a funny noise”

    “Can you talk to the kids about behaving”

    “I need you to fix this and that”

    I love how much my husband does for me. He works long hours and carries a lot of weight on his shoulders caring for me and our family. So, I thought… what can I say to him to show my appreciation and communicate my devotion to him?

    Here’s 6 things every wife needs to tell her husband

    You’ve got me no matter what

    Even when things get rough and rocky, even when he may not always be right or get it right… he needs to know you are there through thick and thin. Yes, we communicate this in our vows, but he needs to know that you aren’t fed up with him and frustration isn’t wearing on you. Offer him some assurance that you are walking beside him in all things.

    I respect you

    This seems like common sense, but so often these little things go unsaid. And, believe me, it’s easy to fall into a season of complacency where you not only forget to tell your husband how much you respect him, but you also fall into the trap of NOT respecting him. You know, jumping in the girls conversation that is rattling off all the things the husbands do to irritate us wives or making fun of his flaws and faults in public. We need to get intentional about building our husbands up with words of encouragement in public, in front of our friends and in front of our families. We need to tell him how much we respect him and support him and then let our actions back that up.

    You’re hot!

    The way we look is important to us as wives, but it’s also important to our husbands…at least that we still find them attractive. I love telling my husband he is handsome or cute. He blushes a little and smiles from ear to ear and there’s a sparkle in his eye. That makes him even hotter in that moment. Gals, your man may not be the 20-year-old muscle man you met and married, but you gotta admit there is way more that attracts you to him now than ever before… and he needs to know it! He needs to hear it and you need to act on it! You love his compliments… time to return the favor.

    I love you… now more than ever

    When was the last time you told your man you love him? It was probably at the end of a phone call or as he left for work or you fell asleep at night. While tucking those “I love yous” in throughout your day is nice, it can become just another set of words. But… when was the last time you told your husband that you love him more now than the day before? He needs to know you not only love him, but you are still IN love with him, over the moon about him, swoon over him… you get my drift… the mooshy, gooshy feelings you used to communicate when you were dating. He needs to know he still has what it takes to sweep you off your feet and make your heart skip a beat. So go tell him… right now and while you’re at it, tack on a really great kiss!

    I appreciate you

    We are busy and have tons to do…even your husband. So stop keeping score of who last emptied the dishwasher and get busy telling your man how much you appreciate him. Try being specific about something he does or something he handles for you or your family. When you can name a specific thing you appreciate and value in him, that makes the words stick a little more.

    I want you

    Ladies, no matter how long you’ve been married, your husband wants to know that you physical crave him, need him and want him. A vibrant, intimate sexual life is important to your marriage and even though you may have to come at this with more intent than in the beginning…make it a focused priority. Your husband has an innate desire to fill an intimate void with you, his partner. So be willing, be available and take the initiative to let him know so! You’ll be faced with a husband who can’t wait to get alone with you. And the best part… all the other aspects of your relationship become easier, sweeter and there’s greater unity and connection for you both. It’s really a win-win!

    6 things every wife needs to tell her husband

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