planning session registration

I am so excited to have you join us in this four-part planning session that is going to totally get you fired up for marketing your business. Here’s a couple of things I want to tell you:

  1. This is going to be real, practical approach to marketing - no high ticket purchase necessary, no large marketing budget required

  2. I will layout a step-by-step plan for you - no overwhelm or heavy to-do lists that make you feel defeated before you get started

  3. You’ll get some great ideas that will take the guesswork out of your marketing

  4. You’ll have some more opportunities to get better trained and equipped to make this your most awesome year!

  5. Invite a friend! There’s good stuff here for all kinds of businesses - small, large, new, established, out of your home, online only, direct sale, wholesale… you name it, I’ve got something for everyone!

    But first… I need to know where to send you the links to get your session details and gain access to the videos when we’re ready:

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