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Feeling as if you've lost your mojo and need something to kickstart your momentum? You don't have to live confused, frustrated and feeling stuck!


The best news I can give you is that you can change your life and I can show you how to do it today!


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    what we do

    Our mission:

    Christie Browning is on a mission to encourage, empower and inspire others as a motivational and inspirational speaker, author and coach. Through live, inspirational and motivational events, blogs and videos, as well as her books, Christie reaches a variety of audiences. Her#liverevised movement has compelled followers to chase purpose-filled lives full of passion and possibilities while fighting to be free from past mistakes, failures and disappointments. The #100daysrevised challenge has moved followers to powerful, massive action to make radical change in their lives. Be warned…. Christie will shake you up and leave you motivated to live a bigger, bolder, brighter life.

    Here we produce books, a monthly devotional subscription, online articles and videos, and live events aimed at business owners, career professionals, women looking for inspiration, people needing motivation, and faith-based groups.

    As a speaker, coach and author, I am all about helping you live a life of fulfillment, significance and influence in the ways perfectly designed and created for you! We are pushing past mediocre, fearful and small living. We're looking for those who want to be encouraged, empowered and inspired to reach past their mistakes, failures and shortcomings to tap into the amazing life truth, grace and forgiveness affords! 

    If this resonates at all with you.... keep reading!

    On this site, you'll find online tools and resources to develop you in all that you face in your real, down-to-earth, kids are cranky, hubby is working late and there's nothing to eat for dinner, kind of life! There's no "church-y" easy answers found here. Just real, practical principles! To pass along all this goodness, we develop videos, blogs, books, downloads and more...

    Plus... check out how you can book Christie to speak at your next event!