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    Business plans are often times thought of as just a financial tool used for gaining the confidence of an investor or a requirement needed when getting a loan from the bank. It’s easy to dismiss the need for a business plan if you aren’t looking to get a loan. The other fear is that business plans are complicated and requires a skillset built around accounting and finance that most small business owners may lack.

    The truth of the matter is that a business plan is your ideas and vision for your business on paper. So regardless of what type of start up cash you might need, YOU DO NEED A BUSINESS PLAN!

    Here's a quick start guide to get you going!

    7 key areas to boost your business credibility

    All the marketing, promotions and sales won't make up for your business policies and credibility. Here's a few ways to gain the trust of your customers.

    Social media marketing

    When it comes to social media, we know there's a lot of potential to reach clients and customers with our products and services, but there's a right way and a wrong way to go about social media marketing... here's a few how-tos.

    Creating a time management system

    Calendars, to-do lists, schedules.... just how do you keep it all balanced and organized??? Catch these practical tips and tricks with coach Christie Browning.

    Time management to help you gain clarity & keep your sanity!

    We know we need time for ourselves but how do we possibly do that? How do you find the time when life happens and your best intentions fall flat???

    Q&A: Using social media to market your business

    Small businesses, home based businesses, big businesses --- they are all using social media to market to the masses. It's inexpensive and timely, but like with any business tool..there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

    When is the right time to give up

    We are told over and over again to not give up on our dreams. However, isn't there an element of realism that should kick in? When do we know it's time to throw in the towel? How do you know when it's time to give up?

    Big marketing, small business

    This video series is for the small business owner who is looking to do some big marketing. No matter what your size or where you're starting out, marketing is the lifeblood of your success. So let's get really good at doing what will do the most to help us reach our!

    Ending on a high note 

    If you own a business, are in direct sales or are a commissioned employee where your activity directly impacts your income... this video is for you! This four-week series is aimed at helping you end the year strong and on purpose! We're setting ourselves up for a fantastic end to the year! Get on board and make these last months count!

    Making the most of the holiday season

    The holiday rush is coming upon us quickly. Do you have a plan to capture those buyers? How are you going to market your products or services? What promotions are you going to do? This episode of reVision TV will give you some valuable pointer when planning your holiday marketing. As always, find more helpful tips at

    4 things to know in order to see growth in your biz!

    For all you business gals out there who are ready to step it up and go for it .... here are four things you need to know to make your dream a reality. Learn more at

    Crafting your marketing message

    This #TuesdayTraining Christie tells you a story... a story about building your marketing message around key elements that engage potential customers!

    Dollars & money sense

    This #TuesdayTraining Christie breaks down the dollars and cents for your business finances! Use some very basic steps and some basic math to get a better handle on your money!

    Setting real goals

    This #TuesdayTraining Christie introduces you to a new way to look at goal setting. Learn how to avoid feeling like your goals burden your to-do list and get insights on how to gain momentum. We all need to feel some "wins" so this training is packed with them!

    Priceless tools

    This #TuesdayTraining Christie shows you her personal tools for tech success.... and most don't cost a penny to use! Get some great insights on how you build your business with these resources that won't break the bank!