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Beauty in the Broken (part 3)

by Christie Browning

We are looking at a special set of scriptures in Luke chapter 9 where Jesus was faced with a particular tricky set of circumstances. A group of 5,000 men had gathered to hear Jesus speak. As the day went on, the group grew hungry and there were no fast food places nearby. Jesus was given a small lunch that consisted of five loaves of bread and two fish. With these small resources Jesus chose to do three remarkable things in the midst of his circumstances (read part 2 here):

  • He took the five loaves and two fishes -- even when it wasn't enough to take care of the problem, he accepted that which God provided.
  • He looked up to Heaven -- focusing on Heaven, looking up to his Father, Jesus knew where his gaze needed to fall.
  • He gave thanks -- Jesus kept an attitude of gratitude. What was seen was nothing compared to the faith that Jesus had for what God would do. 

After Jesus had given thanks, he "broke them." The NIV version of the Bible says that Jesus broke the bread and the fish... as if breaking the five loaves into 10 pieces would help, but that is exactly what he did... he "broke them."

I find it interesting that the writer Luke chose to include these two little words, "broke them." It is rather significant because it wasn't until Jesus broke them that the five loaves and two fish multiplied enough to feed 5,000 men. It wasn't until that little lunch was broken that it became a feast... that too little became more than enough. It wasn't until Jesus broke them that something miraculous happened.

In our troubles, we are, no doubt, broken. Sometimes we are broken by the loving hand of God. But it is in our broken state God begins to use us. In our brokenness God multiplies our insignificant talents and too little offerings to do miraculous work. However, all too often, in the middle of our hardships, we want to run, hide and get away. We want anything but broken. Yet there is beauty in the'll see it next...