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    Beauty in the Broken (part 4)

    by Christie Browning

    We're continuing to look at Jesus' example when he was faced with 5,000 mouths to feed and no food to speak of other than five loaves of bread and two fish (read part 3 here). He used miraculous power to multiply those items to feed the crowd... let's see what happens next.

    Satisfaction after brokenness

    In Luke 9:17, the writer says "they all ate and were satisfied." After brokenness comes satisfaction! Once the food was broken and multiplied and then used, the people were satisfied. 

    If we would surrender ourselves to God and be willing to be broken and multiplied, we would find a divine satisfaction and joy. Being used, having purpose, becoming fulfilled is all available after being broken. First there's brokenness... then there's satisfaction.

    Leftovers anyone?

    After the bulk of Jesus' miraculous work, Luke continues to depict the scene by saying "...and the disciples picked up 12 baskets of broken pieces that were left over." LEFT OVER!! From five loaves and two fish Jesus got leftovers! I like to say, "and then some!" 

    In our hardships, our obstacles, if we would learn to view these as a chance for God to come in, a chance for Him to break us, use us in a huge way, fulfill us and fill our purpose tank, we'll find that there are leftovers! God can take the littlest, tiniest offering we have to give and do a miracle ... deliver leftovers. He can turn it into an abundance, overflowing, more than enough... and then some.

    The key is to first take our circumstances for what they are, knowing God is still in control. Second we keep our eyes upward, looking and expecting God to be present. Then we stay in a worshipful manner, thanking Him for it all and for what we trust He will do. 

    After that, we allow ourselves to be broken and used in a way God wants, so we can be multiplied for His purposes. All the time we know, this is a beautiful process because to the world it might not make sense, but we know and trust that we are being filled up, satisfied and used even when it may seem like we have little to offer. In the hands of God, He creates leftovers.

    I love this example Jesus gives us. It is a beautiful display of surrender, trust and willingness. It teaches us to look at our circumstances, however meager or tragic, and knowing that God is a God of leftovers!