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    Come On In! The Water's Fine! (part 2)

    So many of us are much like the invalid we read about in part 1 of this mini-series. We want healing, a new life, we want to be rescued, to be made whole -- yet we can see this new life, but it's just out of reach. Just like the invalid who laid beside the pool of Bethesda, he could see the chance to be healed, but his crippled body kept him from the very thing that would reverse this disability.

    In the past I have tried to get there - to get to the life I knew I was destined to have. But it was always a little too far out of reach. I would fall just short of getting where I wanted to go. Try as I may to attend the right church, read the right books, talk to the right counselor, or do the right things... there just wasn't anyone who could help me into the pool for healing and restoration. 

    Friend, if you have experienced this frustration, I get it! I have been so close to cresting the summit, to climbing out of the pit, only to feel like there's a schoolyard bully waiting at the top to push me back down. I could never quite conqueror myself, my past and my pain. 

    The invalid man was there-- waiting. He knew something had to happen. Something had to change if he was going to be healed. Then Jesus enters. 

    Raise your hand if you need Jesus to enter the scene of your life, your marriage, your finances, your past, your pain, your failures? 

    The real help, the sole help you are needing comes from Jesus alone. That is the first revelation necessary to unlock the healing power Jesus has to give you. The best news is that we don't have to do anything other than look up and reach out to the Savior. He meets us where we're at. Jesus met the invalid where he was at --lying on a mat where he'd been for 38 years. It probably wasn't the scene you'd like to find yourself in when you meet Jesus. The invalid man's situation wasn't glamorous or flattering or even clean. If no on was there to help him in the pool, I doubt he had a maid service or laundry service. But Jesus didn't care. Jesus met him at his lowest point. And friend, He's waiting to meet you at whatever point you might find yourself  - your lowest, dirtiest, messiest point in life. There is no pre-rinse cycle needed with Jesus. He takes it all. He takes all the the old, dried up pain, mistakes - the caked on sin and baggage -- and washes it away. That's His promise to us if we are willing to let Him meet us at this point, in such a state.

    You see, it's when we try to clean up before Jesus shows up that we mess up even more. Jesus doesn't need our help. Jesus just wants our heart - dirt, sin and all.

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