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    Numbers Do Lie

    I HATE MATH! It is SO not my strong suit and maybe it has something to do with the fact that traditionally, math doesn't allow for negotiation. 2+2 is always gonna equal 4 and 10 x 10 is always gonna equal a 100....wait, is that right? See, I told you I stink at math!

    The one math problem that took me almost 20 years to figure out is how 1,000 mistakes + 10,000 bad choices + 534,000 failures = ZERO! At least that's how my past makes me a big fat ZERO! After bankruptcy, losing my home, losing my job, a divorce, being asked to leave my church, being ousted by those I love, and a prison stay... ZERO is exactly what I felt. Not worthy, not needed, not wanted, not necessary...all these things I felt and the math confirmed it.

    BUT... I am here to tell you the NUMBERS DO LIE! In Christ, all our mistakes, failures and past crap adds up to millions! It adds up to life abundantly. It adds up to getting all we ever dreamed!!! But we have to know how to do the math!

    So join me in an online "math" class like no other!

    This isn't your typical "Jesus loves me" type of study. This is a raw, intense, real study that will give you a rock-solid foundation to what it means to find your worth and your value in a God who truly, deeply loves you. It will be a 6-week journey that will reveal serious truth to you and talk about transformational!  

    If you want something different...this is it!

    To sign up-- pay your registration fee. The rest will come to you by email. I'll be sending you 6 weekly lessons, 6 emails and a variety of worksheets to work through on your own, in your own time. You'll also be added to an online group where you can talk and chat with other awesome "math" students. Ladies... I can't encourage you enough to do what it takes to get in this class!!! I'm not offering you some mediocre, cliche' solutions here. I'm talking face in the floor, hands in the sky,  heart turned inside out, life turned upside down kind of experience.

    This is it. This is your time. Get in on the math and learn that the NUMBER DO LIE!

    Numbers Do Lie
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