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    live reVised Podcast

    Welcome to the “live reVised” podcast!

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    Episode 6: How I uncovered my purpose (and how you can too!)”

    In this episode, we go waaayyy back to the beginning of how I learned I was meant to speak and write. This message of encourage, empower and inspire didn't just happen overnight. It's been a long journey with lots of wins and losses. However, it's shaped and shaded my heart with a passion to help others live with more focus, faith and fire... and I want to help you do the same! So sit back and take a trip down memory lane. You might just find out more about me than you want to know :)  Get more on this episode here>>>

    Episode 5: “Burning with purpose without burning out”

    Do you struggle with feeling spent, tired and worn out from chasing your goals, dreams and passions in life? Shouldn’t the purpose you have and calling you feel be enough to keep you charged for the race? The answer is “no” and you may very well be experiencing burnout. The good news is you can avoid burnout and you can still make great progress and accomplish your goals! In this episode, Christie shares some very tactical ways to spot and avoid burnout, but also how to keep in pursuit of the goal. Get more on this episode here>>>

    Episode 4: “Going for the goal against all odds”

    In this episode, our guest is Tiffany Schuman, Mary Kay Consultant, who shares her tips on goal setting. After holding a high dollar year of sales and being ranked as one of the top consultants in her division, Tiffany talks to us about overcoming setbacks and frustrations with work toward a very big goal.

    Episode 3: Faith Fridays: Being "Not Ashamed"

    In this episode, we start our study of Romans. Christie walks through the first 17 verses of Chapter 1 in Romans, and hits on the following key areas:

    1. What we can learn from Paul's introduction in verse 1. Why his mission statement should be a catalyst for us to do the same.

    2. Why Paul felt he needed to say he was not ashamed of the gospel, and what that really should mean for us modern-day believers.

    3. What does "the just shall live by faith" really mean and why it's not a contradiction to a life of grace and mercy.

    To get help a download resource to help you study these verses, click here

    Episode 2: Beating the Back-to-School Stress

    Gearing up for back-school season can be stressful. The transition from summer days to early morning bus rides is not the easiest. In this episode, Christie shares some practical advice on how you can minimize the stress for the whole family AND make this school year one to remember.  

    Get the downloadable resource referenced in this video here:!Aq_Russ6oqKAgc1V5... 

    Visit for more helpful resources to encourage, empower and inspire you!

    Episode 1: The process of living revised

    Have you been trying to find a way to make life be more? More fulfilling, more purpose-full, more passion-filled, more significant?

    In this episode of the live reVised podcast, Christie shares her own personal story of how she discovered her purpose and was able to make real changes to her life in order to have clarity, significance and impact in the ways that matter most to her.