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    Life Lessons Learned

    A mother's example

    by Christie Browning 

    It’s not Mother’s Day, but recently my mom has been on my mind. Maybe it’s because this month is her birthday. Regardless of the reason, memories of my times spent with mom have been rolling around in my head and heart lately.

    In my family, my mom always took a backseat — isn’t that just like most moms? My dad has a big personality and commands the room when he is present. However, my mom is the perfect balance of meekness and boldness. She knew how a sweet whisper in my ear could calm my little-kid heart. And she also knew how to launch into protector and defender, momma-bear style. Growing up my mother was patient and understanding, shaking her head at my dad’s crazy antics and childish sense of humor. She indulged us each time we wanted a new pet. She made our single-wide trailer a home that seemed as big as a mansion, full of love and laughter.

    Both of my parents set a visual example of what it means to not only follow God on Sunday, but how to do it the other six days of the week. I saw my mom diligently study her Bible and prepare weekly for the Sunday School lesson she would be teaching. Looking back now, that was a spiritual foundation-builder for my own life. The Word was a real guidebook for my mom. She turned to it for her own guidance, but also to help her kids in their own paths.

    When it was time for “the talk,” mom sat me down and showed me God’s plan for marriage and family as it is instructed in the scriptures. She painted the story of Adam and Eve with new colors. She shared scripture from the New Testament, teaching me how to be a Godly young woman and what

    expectations to have for my future mate.

    I remember one particular dating relationship that was moving a bit too quickly and in the wrong direction. My dad swooped in typical dad-like fashion and commanded that I break it off with the guy. Although he was right to have concerns, it was my mother that convinced me to end the relationship.

    She pointed, once again, to scriptures that reminded me of my value and worth, and taught me again the plan God had already designed for a perfect love between a guy and a girl.

    Mom leaned on scripture for every area of her life and she taught her kids the same. It was a discipline that stuck with me and has helped shape me.

    Someone recently told me that they went to Google to seek help on some conversations she needed to have with her child. I bet there’s a wealth of information there. But it can’t be as true and timeless as the guidance and direction offered from our Heavenly Father.

    I encourage you to do what a sassy preacher’s wife once said to me.

    “Don’t run to the phone, run to the Throne.”

    What she meant by that was to not seek advice and help from every girlfriend you can find, but to do what my mother did — go to the Throne in prayer and look for truth and direction in the Bible.