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rePeatedly reVised... that's what I am. Constantly learning, growing and working on becoming the best version of myself. I can assure you I don't always get it right, and what helpful concepts you pick up here are offered from a humble heart that's faltered and failed several times along this journey. However, there are some aspects of life and myself that are permanently revised....for that I give credit to a God who's forgiveness knows no end and His patience is everlasting. 

So, this is the part of reVision where I share the things God has done in my life, the lessons I am learning and the day-to-day encounters that make life inspiring to me... and I hope for you too! Here's where I take off the professional hat and put on my "regular ol' gal" hat and we share like friends chatting over a cup of coffee. Feel free to check out my blog, join me on a book study, a Bible study or whatever might strike my heart. 

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