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    Battling Busy

    Battling Busy


    reVision presents --

    Battling Busy - the struggle is real!

    This powerful book is for EVERYONE! Whether you're a business owner, a busy mom, working full-time, or a college student.... we're all busy!!

    This book is perfect for gals who:

    • Feel as if they are running on empty
    • Could be hired as a master juggler.. they're that good at keeping all the balls in the air, but their arms are getting tired
    • Have more to do than time to do it
    • Are overwhelmed with a lengthy to-do list
    • Feel as if they are working hard, but at the end of the day there's nothing to show for it
    • Feel like they are spinning their wheels
    • Aren't really living life, but are just trying to survive their schedules
    • Deeply want to slow down, be purposeful and BREATHE!

    Battling Busy addresses these concerns, gives you some practical ways to overcome these hectic, hurried feelings and even teach you how to course correct when "emergencies" or unexpected things pop up -- all based on Biblical principles!!

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