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    about Christie

    Christie Browning is on a mission to encourage, empower and inspire others as a motivational and inspirational speaker, author and coach. Through live, inspirational and motivational events, blogs and videos, as well as her books, Christie reaches a variety of audiences. Her#liverevised movement has compelled followers to chase purpose-filled lives full of passion and possibilities while fighting to be free from past mistakes, failures and disappointments. The #100daysrevised challenge has moved followers to powerful, massive action to make radical change in their lives. Be warned…. Christie will shake you up and leave you motivated to live a bigger, bolder, brighter life.

    The story behind the scenes...

    Hey ya'll! Christie here... so, you want to know what I am all about... here it is!

    After decades spent involved in my community, advancing in my career and leading in my church, I still felt empty, without direction and looking for my own brand of significance. I spent countless dollars on seminars, workshops and retreats. I bought every self-help book you can imagine. I changed everything from what I ate to what I wore. NOTHING gave me what I was looking for -- a way to discover and live my authentic self. I needed someone to diagnose my disease to please and help me get over my approval addiction. I needed someone to give me directions on the path to self-discovery, and I needed someone to give me the go-ahead to live out that which I felt God was calling me to do and be. BUT... "someone" never came. I didn't find any answers and in the meantime.... I was failing - in my family, in my finances, in my relationships, in my job and in my church - I was failing in all major areas of my life. 

    After life totally came undone, I got the answers I was looking for. But it wasn't until after I had lost EVERYTHING, EVERYONE. It was in a very dark spot of life that I decided to figure out a way to help others develop into all God wants them to be and created them to do. My heart's passion came from that devastating time. Now I am blessed to provide a variety of resources to help others get direction, gain purpose and clarity, and grow in their relationships and spirituality... all while basing my ideas, concepts and teachings on scripture, experience and life lessons.

    I believe all that we need in life - whether it be shoring up our finances, running a business, managing our households, bettering our marriages or getting a grip on ourselves - all that we need can be found in truth. Sometimes we just need someone to clear the fog, point us in the right direction, and walk alongside of us as we learn and grow....that's where I come in!

    About Christie


    Life has a way of taking you down some unexpected paths. In short, I lived a life in total fear of disappointing those I loved. As a kid, it was great for my parents... they got a kid who, for the most part, didn't do a lot to rock the boat. But, when something did go wrong or I did make a mistake, I tried everything in my power to cover it up to avoid that shame of disappointment. 

    I think we all can relate to that feeling to some degree. I mean, who wants to stand up and say, "hey everyone! I total failed and screwed up!"  But somewhere down the line, I developed an extreme fear for disappointing others. It got to be so bad that as an adult, I couldn't even decide where to have dinner for fear that it would be a choice the others wouldn't like. I chalked it up to being easy going and laid back, but in reality, I walked on egg shells constantly. 

    Take that fear and couple it with people in my life who spoke negatively to me, constantly reminded me of my mistakes and failures, and manipulated those situations to keep me feeling worthless and without hope. It was a nasty, downward spiral that drug me through bankruptcy, job loss, relationships torn apart, divorce and more. In between all those major destructive life circumstances, my day-to-day living was empty, without authenticity, and void of God's design for me. Oh I was busy... I achieved a lot of great things, but it was all from a heart that desperately wanted someone to approve and say, "girl... you are awesome!" 

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    In a very dark, hopeless place, God finally showed me the ultimate approval given to me when He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for me. Seriously... what could communicate love and worth more than to have someone give their kid's life for yours. That's exactly what God did for me. And even though I grew up in church knowing that truth, it wasn't until I was totally immersed that deepest, darkest hole that I began to trust that love. I walked out of that place in life a COMPLETELY different woman -- reDeemed, reVised and ready to reWrite what I was about. 

    Now, I am happy to report that I am married to the love of my life, Mat, and I became an instant stepmom to two kids. We live in a gorgeous spot in Indiana with two adorable fur-babies, Musha & Marston (follow me on Instagram at @ChristieBrowningOfficial to get some sneak peeks at the fur kids!). I spend my time writing, listening to music, eating amazing food my hubby cooks, and camping with the fam. 

    So, that's the non-professional bio... not your typical list of accolades and accomplishments.

    If you want that... click here!