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     Ya’ll … what if this summer was more than just lounging by the pool, eating salsa and chips, and avoiding the summer heat. Wait… that sounds pretty amazing, actually. Okay..strike that. What if this summer was more than just surviving, getting through and juggling loads of laundry from camping trips, pool trips and vacation trips? What if this summer was a game change? What if in 100 days from now, you could look back and see your efforts made a difference and created a whole new normal for YOU!

    100 days can change everything!

    I am challenging you… double-dog daring you to join me for #100daysrevised, a 100-day challenge to change your life. Whatever it is that you want to see happen in your life, whatever positive “thing” you need to add to your life… I want you to do it for 100 days… every. single. day. for. 100. days.

    My #100daysrevised pick

    So ya’ll know I am all about the goals and tracking it and doing the activity to achieve it. BUT… 100 days is intense. IT WILL BE A GAME CHANGER. It can launch a new habit, create a new mindset, increase your health, manifest more income, leverage more success…. seriously!!! What would happen if YOU gave something in your life 100 days of laser focus?? What would be different? What would be better? What would it mean?

    OK.. my #100daysrevised pick is to exercise for 100 days straight. For me, this might mean going to the gym, taking a hike, walking my pups, doing some yoga. I know I need to get this habit back in my life. I used to be so good about moving my body every day and then I just got complacent and lazy. Now.. this isn’t some sort of get in shape, drop 60 pounds, type of motivation. NO, this is about knowing how much more energized and empowered I feel when I am working out. Plus it clears my head and juices my creativity.

    So what’s yours? What’s your #100daysrevised going to be? Girl… we can be different women, better women, bolder and brighter women on the other side of this challenge! Let’s do it!

    How we can do #100daysrevised challenge together

    So, if ya’ll are all in for this, we will get going officially May 1st, but if you come on board later…that’s okay too. You can start whenever and we’ll keep you in the loop, I promise! But.. when you register, you’ll get a few awesome things to help a girl out!

    • I am totally gonna hook you up with a freebie — cuz’ what gal doesn’t like a freebie! Signing up will get you my free e-journal all aimed at helping you make the most of this challenge and implement some good vibes!

    • I will be working super hard right next to ya! And… to show you I am all in, I will be doing a daily post on Instagram with the #100daysrevised - you can follow me on Instagram at @christiebrowningofficial

    • You need to share your journey too and slap that #100daysrevised tag on you instagram posts (and if ya’ll aren’t on instagram…go ahead and share on Facebook and post it in our Facebook community here)

    • Lastly… I will be shooting you some motivational and inspirational emails each week throughout our journey. I’ll share my highs and lows, share some videos to keep you going and share YOUR success too! Plus, I might just have some more giveaways.

    OH! I almost forgot….

    I have a special tracker for you to tick off those #100daysrevised — it’s like your homework you can show off on the fridge!

    To participate in the #100daysrevised challenge, just register here: