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Making money work in your marriage

If you get around my husband for any length of time, you'll know he is a big fan of numbers, budgeting and getting out of debt. He's one of those weirdos who likes to figure our investments and retirements as a pass time. He literally finds joy in playing out our financial future through the time we retire. And while I am so thankful for his heart in this.... I am the polar opposite. 

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Christie BrowningComment
Are you compliant or committed?

Mat and I will celebrate five years together next month, and I can honestly say that in those five years, we haven't had many arguments. For the most part, Mat and I get along just fine. We laugh, we have fun, we give each other space and grace to be ourselves and we genuinely love living life together. 

The one area that defined more differences than possibly any other relationship category was the money topic. We didn't fight about money.... simply because we tend to be on total ends of the spectrum.

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