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reVised coaching - Monthly Payment Option

reVised coaching - Monthly Payment Option



Join the coaching group that’s different than anything you’ve experienced before!! For less than your average trip to Target, you get:

  1. A LIVE group coaching call with Christie two times a month. These calls happen at night, after the kiddos are asleep so you can focus and absorb all the good stuff. It's LIVE so you can ask questions and interact on the call with Christie. It's by phone or video chat so no matter where you are... in your office or locked in the pantry for some privacy... you can get on the call!

  2. Video training twice a month with downloadable resources. Create your own training manual to go back to over and over again! Christie doesn't hold anything back during these trainings. She is pulling back the curtain to unveil to you the greatest tips, how-tos and need-to-know pieces that have served her well for decades of success in several businesses.The great news is that the videos can be watched over and over again! Access the training library any time you want as long as you are a member!

  3. Quarterly one-on-one coaching calls with Christie. Here's your chance to get face-time with the coach herself! Ask your questions, get the answers you're looking for! Christie will give you focus, reign in the ideas that might tempt you to get off track, and give you a clear plan to run on!

  4. Access to all sorts of great resources. From other service providers to Christie's own vault of goodies, we share it all and introduce you to all the tricks of the trade aimed at helping you maximize your success.

  5. Get all the How-tos and When-tos with Christie's strategy calendar. No more guessing what to say, when to say it. No more wondering if you're doing too much or not enough. Not sure what your activity should be? No worries!!! Each month members get a strategy calendar that maps out all the activities they should work into the mix to propel their business forward. We've taken out the guesswork and replaced it with the freedom to run straight across the finish line!

  6. reVision Magazine subscription. This magazine is full of articles, tutorials and powerful interviews for all aspects of your life. It will encourage, empower and inspire you!! 

  7. Receive Christie's e-book on time, emotional and mental management. You know you're most likely to hit the success mark when all cylinders are a go! This book gives you the chance to review these three key areas of life to determine where you might need a tune-up in order to be at your best!

  8. Shopping site wide at a membership discount. Get 10% off your order 24-7, 365 across the entire site! Hit the coaching shop for goodies, the faith shop for Bible studies and books, visit the #liverevised shop for apparel and accessories, click on over to the family shop for more books ... it's all offered to you at 10% off!

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After your first initial payment, your card will automatically be charged each month on or around the 25th of the month. You can cancel at any time with an email to Christie at